ArcPad 10

ArcPad 10
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  • License Expiry: May 9th annually
  • Ensure you email requesting ArcGIS Online access to receive ArcGIS Pro and enable the ArcGIS Living Atlas and a world of data for analysis & visualization from the Esri ArcGIS Platform. For FREE ESRI training go to // There are numerous courses listed for free. Any that have a cost listed, go to // and they will be offered for half price.

$70.00 CAD

This software will expire on May. 9th annually and will have to be reordered.

ArcPad is designed for GIS professionals who require GIS capabilities in the field. It gives field-based personnel the ability to capture, edit, analyze, and display geographic information easily and efficiently.

  • Perform reliable, accurate, and validated field data collection.
  • Integrate GPS, range finders, and digital cameras into a GIS data collection.
  • Share enterprise data with field-workers for updating and decision making.
  • Improve the productivity of a GIS data collection.
  • Improve the accuracy of the GIS database and make it more up-to-date.
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