MATLAB R2023b - Single Machine License

MATLAB R2023b - Single Machine License
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MATLAB is a programming and numeric computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models.

Major Updates

  • Aerospace Blockset – Simulate rotor and multirotor dynamics; visualize aircraft and rotorcraft using Unreal Engine and Cesium ion.
  • ommunications Toolbox – Perform ray tracing analyses on indoor or outdoor scenarios that include reflection and diffraction
  • Database Toolbox – Interact with popular relational and NoSQL databases using built-in driver support; apply filters to query large datasets.
  • IEC Certification Kit – Classify and qualify MATLAB Test according to functional safety standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and related standards.
  • Motor Control Blockset – Develop embedded software with optimized HDL code generation capability and reference examples to target FPGAs and SoCs.
  • Phased Array System Toolbox – Design and simulate massive MIMO arrays and beamforming algorithms for radar systems and wireless communications systems.
  • Powertrain Blockset – Use the Virtual Vehicle Composer app for configuring vehicles with EV 2, 3, and 4 powertrain architectures.
  • SerDes Toolbox – Design and generate PAMn IBIS-AMI models for use in USB4 v2.0, MIPI A-PHY, and other PAMn systems.
  • Simulink Control Design – Design active disturbance rejection controllers for motor control and power converter applications.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Blockset – Use the Virtual Vehicle Composer app to configure, build, and analyze motorcycles.
  • ROS Toolbox – Visualize and analyze ROS data by recording, importing, and playing rosbag files.



  • Live Editor Tasks: Import data in live scripts; interactively find and remove periodic and polynomial trends from data
  • pivot Function: Summarize tabular data in pivot tables
  • Code Analyzer App and fix Function: Find and fix code issues interactively and programmatically
  • Python Interface: Support for conversions of Python and NumPy data types; use Python objects as keys in a MATLAB dictionary
  • table and timetable Data Types: Perform calculations directly in tables and timetables without extracting data
  • Timetable Events: Find and label events in timetables using attached event tables
  • Unit Testing Framework: Run tests using the Test browser


  • Simulation Debugging: Step through a simulation block by block
  • Python Importer: Integrate Python functions with Simulink for simulation
  • Signal Logging: Log variable-size signals in a nonvirtual bus or an array of buses


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