Mathematica 12.3.1 Student Edition

Mathematica 12.3.1 Student Edition
Wolfram Research
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License Expiry: July 31st, 2022

Version 12.3.1 continues an ongoing effort of incremental quality development of the Wolfram Language and Mathematica.

  • Native support for macOS for Apple Silicon
  • Streamlined product activation for site licenses supporting single sign-on
  • New WolframAlpha-Mode notebook features, including 2D typesetting for math constructs, additional support for chemical computations and biomolecular sequences and interactive plot quizzes
  • Numerous other feature enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements

Mathematica 12.3.1

Hardware Specifications

  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core or equivalent
  • Disk Space: 14 GB
  • System Memory (RAM): 2 GB+ recommended
  • Internet Access: Required in order to use online data sources from the Wolfram Knowledgebase.
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