SHAZAM Professional Edition 11 (English)

SHAZAM Professional Edition 11 (English)
SHAZAM Analytics Ltd
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This software is to be used for educational purposes. You need to purchase one license for each install.

The Professional Edition supports both command-driven and menu-driven execution of SHAZAM analytical techniques.

SHAZAM 11 is faster and more powerful

  • Automatic Parallelization across all processor cores - future proof your analytical software

  • 32 bit and 64bit versions included for Windows XP or later - move to 64 bit computing when you are ready

  • Windows 8 Ready

  • The most precise Econometrics and Statistics Software available - SHAZAM supports Double and Quadruple Precision Modes

  • Massive Memory Support - the 64bit version will handle even your largest analytical tasks

SHAZAM 11 is easier to use

  • True Menu-driven Operation - operate all SHAZAM analytical techniques through menus, windows and dialog boxes 

  • Reference Manual eBook - includes a fully searchable electronic version of the excellent SHAZAM 11 Reference Manual

  • Data Management Improvements - simplified Data Connector and support for XLSX

  • SHAZAM Wizards - available for all SHAZAM analytical techniques

SHAZAM 11 has numerous new features including

  • Quadratic Programming - solve bounded or unbounded problems with or without inequality or equality constraints

  • Simulated Annealing - solve single or multiple equation nonlinear models

  • Automatic Starting Point Locator for Optimization - find global rather than local maxima or minima quickly

  • Improved Graphing - smooth rendering, new styling and customization options

  • Examples - hundreds of new and updated examples for the latest textbooks

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